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What is Organic Alpine Agricolture?


shorter, it is concentrated in the warmer months, when snow and frost give way to the first herbs and typical flowers of the mountain meadows. The soil is shallow and the fertile layer is rich in humus but poor in nutrients. The presence of many stones and rock makes it difficult to work the land which is concentrated only in the first few centimetres.

The difficulties to be faced in order to reap the fruits of this land, as beautiful as it is inhospitable, make the results of this hard work much more gratifying.


The mountain ecosystem has a remarkable biodiversity, while the cultivated areas are generally characterized by a strong reduction of the latter.

For this reason we have chosen the biological one as a cultivation model and we favor the use of fungi and insects antagonistic to the pathogenic ones rather than the use of traditional biological products for the control of pathogens.

Organic method

Mountain areas are characterized by a strong natural component, for this reason we believe that for agricultural activities in mountain areas it is important to cultivate following an organic method, which preserves biodiversity and limits its impact on the surrounding natural environment.

The products used in organic farming derive from 100% natural processes and are very often easily biodegradable. The consumption of certified organic products guarantees that all the products used, from the technical means of production such as fertilizers to the processing of the finished product, derive from natural raw materials.

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